Just as I said before, I start posting the summary here.
So, let start it now, this post contain some info about:

  • Result of wrong OS type installation in VM with different OS type
  • VMware HA (Design, fail-over, …)

Result of wrong OS type installation in VM with different OS type

One configuration/step during the creation of new VM, is defining the OS type for that VM.

If any other OS except the OS type selected for VM, installed on VM, some of the following even (or all of them) may occurs:

  • Some performance issues (according to different method of memory access and addressing, …)
  • This would cause the incorrect VMware Tools to get installed in the VM
  • If the correct MCA/MCE architecture is not presented to the guest during boot may be it wouldn’t start at all

How to fix it:

  • Power off the VM.
  • Modify via GUI option General of the properties of your VM.
  • Power on the VM.
  • Reinstall the correct VMware Tools.

VMware HA (Design, fail-over, …)

When designing or using VMware HA, it’s better to take care of some element in order to get better performance, availability and facing less problem/error.

  • Setup/configure second SC/management network so you would have to path for check for host isolation.
  • Don’t use default just because they are default, check the other options and compare their result for your own situation. (Number of allowed host failures …)
  • For getting better result from your ha cluster, prevent using resource (cpu/memory) reservation as much as you can, as it affect directly the ha cluster performance (slot size/number of slot in cluster, …)
  • When using ha on Blade servers, on more than one enclosure use more smaller (at least two) cluster instead of one big cluster.

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These information are summary (or better say notes) I took during my studies for future use.
If I miss anything; please correct me, thanks.

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