No More Work?

First of all sorry for not sending any news or notes in these last two months as I was busy and rarely find the time to work on my own home lab and projects, also this post is NOT technical or IT related at all – just personal.
I have stopped almost all of my work at home and now I have to stop my work on my company as well because of my university and exam for next level.
It’s a necessary delay on all my work and …
I hope finally I can finish my university and passing the exam as my future is directly related to them.
It means there would be no activity about two months (I hope be less) from now on the site but I would check my mails daily ( 😉 ) and I would be happy to see your mails and comments on my posts.
Also let me say “Happy New Year all my friends, with the best wishes for all of you in new year and after that”
With regards,

Updated: December 19, 2010 — 11:34 PM

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