Project #01 (P.01)

Hi, from tomorrow my first personal project would start and I’m kind of interested about it.
It would be my first project which I get personally and contain (procurement, design, implementation and support).

It’s for hospital which have just one physical server (HP DL380 G5) right now which is acting as AD/DNS, SQL Server and Web Server (it’s not my design to lunch all services on one server), one Microsoft ISA server (2006) and one PC which have Windows 2003 and acting as Web Server.

I recommend that they move to virtual infrastructure (using VMware product respectively) and replacing current security layer as well as using centralized storage.
According to my design there would be about 22 virtual machines for different services and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 would be deploy as the main OS for all of these services, also they going to use Spiceworks as their monitoring software for whole network and services.

Up to now we have bough these devices:
– Firewall: Fortigate 110C
– Storage: QNAP TS-459U-RP
– Server: HP DL380 G7
But we still didn’t bough the following items:
– Backup: Veeam Backup & Replication Essential 1
– Hypervisor: VMware Essential Plus Bundle 2
Here is a small-compact list of their services:

  • AD/DNS Server
  • DHCP/WDS Server
  • WSUS Server
  • Antivirus Server
  • NTP Server
  • Mail Server
  • Backup Server
  • SQL Server
  • Web Server

I’d try to post more about this project as I’m working on it, so check here again later.

1 Because of embargo I can’t buy this product from Veeam Software right now, so we have to wait a little more for any changes on policies.
2 According to the embargo and US Low and export policies, VMware, Inc. stopped selling products to Iran.


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