DCAS-#003 (Scripted Installation of ESXi 4.1)

Today, while I was working on “uda2cm” I found some notes which I think it’s good to share them here.
There is a lot of good post and notes on the net about scripted installation of VMware ESXi and I’m going to link some of them over here (those I’ve used myself):
Virtual RealITy (by: Ray Heffer)
Deploying ESXi 4.1 using the Scripted Install feature (VMware KB)
As part of my tests on my home lab, I find a way for enabling the “Local TSM” and “Remote TSM” during installation process.
Because these two options can be accessed only after completion of installation, they must be place under “%firstboot” or “%post” and I have put both of them under “%firstboot”.
For enabling the “Local TSM” the “/etc/init.d/TSM start” can be use and for “Remote TSM” the “/etc/init.d/TSM-SSH start” can be use, both command have same options (start|stop|status|restart) and I think it’s clear the result of each option.
For enabling both TSM following lines can be use in kickstart or “template in UDA 2.x”.
%firstboot --unsupported --interpreter=busybox
/etc/init.d/TSM start
/etc/init.d/TSM-SSH start

As I search online (now) for other way of enabling TSMs, I find this post by “Kendrick Coleman” on his site and he used two lines (below) for enabling “Remote TSM”.
vim-cmd hostsvc/enable_remote_tsm
vim-cmd hostsvc/start_remote_tsm

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