Great News

It was about three days ago (about 1:30 am) which I noticed one change on my “VMware Community Profile“.

There was “vE” sign on the last line which stand for “vExpert“.

To be honest, I was shocked for an hour or so and I didn’t believe what I seen, after searching around for a while I found out the list of vExpert 2011 has announced early in July.

After playing around all things shows that I’m “vExpert 2011”, except the notification email which I didn’t receive it yet (at the time of writing).

Thanks “John Troyer” and VMware for all your support and vExpert program which motivate users, professionals and everyone to share what they have and what they know to the community; and thanks to everyone who voted for me.

I’m really honored and happy to have this title and I hope I can be better than this in this year and incoming years with your help and comments.

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