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The name may be similar to great “Veeam Software” name but it’s different application which I wrote in about a week [in the time of posting first edition] and its name is shorten of “Virtual Environment Account Manager”.
After making multiple connections for different VMware ESX/ESXi and vCenter in different project in daily job, I thought it may be a good idea to have single panel to mange all these connections; So I create VEAM.
I’m trying to make it a single panel for accessing multiple tools which is needed in virtual environments while working with “VMware” products.

It’s a first edition of this little application and it may have bugs or problems in functionality.
I’d be grateful if you could help me to improve this little application by sharing your thoughts, comments and suggestions.

I have added support for “SSH Connection” to this little application so, it can pass saved information to the “Putty SSH Client“. (V.
I have added six supported “Locale Forcing Mode” languages to the application so it can open “VMware vSphere Client” in one of these languages. (V.

Application Information:
Executable size:  1.42 MB
Platform support: x86/x64
Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer | Standalone Installer)
Number of files: 4 files (1 executable, 2 XML, 1 PDF)
Default username/password: veam/veam

Download Links:
Portable pack: ( NEW
Installation pack: (VEAM_Setup- NEW
Older version: (,

Legal Notice:
VMware, VMware Virtual Infrastructure, VMware vSphere are trademarks or trademarks registered to VMware, Inc.

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