Well, as I posted about UDA2CM earlier, I decided to create a page for it and posting all related data to it here.
Today, I worked on it more and tried to fix some bugs and improve it a little more which ended on version 0.2 (for now).

I have updated this page (web app) on my site and it can be access by this link as well as adding “change.log” for it.
In next version, data can be saved and download as proper files and also I’d try to check it’s functionality with VMware ESXi 4.0 (with/without u1) and if any modification needed, make them ready.

Update (Mar 30, 2011)

I have update the page so the results (templates and subtemplates) can be exported as “esx4.cfg” and “subtemplate.cfg” with ability of bookmarking the last page.


I know it’s nothing very special but I hope it become handy/useful and again, all your notes and comments are welcome and I’d be really happy to receive your idea about it.

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