UDA 2.x Config Maker

Yesterday, during my works with UDA 2.0 for exercising the “Script Installation” of VMware ESX/ESXi I thought it may be good if there’s a way for creating Templates and Subtemplates for this great utility, faster and more easier, so I start writing a page (web app) which going to generate Subtemplates and Templates for installing VMware ESXi.
I tested it’s template and subtemplate in my home lab and it works fine, I placed some notes/tips on each field and in next version I’m going to make it more user friendly and easier to use.
As this is a first and nightly built version, it’s got some limitation and bug with it, which I’m going to fix them ASAP.
All your comments and notes are welcome and I’d be grateful for receiving notes about it, so I can make it better on next versions.


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UDA 2.x Config Maker

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