Social Profiles Widget – ME

This page is all about “Social Profiles” and “Social Profiles Widget – ME”.
This plugin is not originally mine and all credit would go to the main author “Nathan Rice” for his great plugin “Social Profiles Widget
The main plugin is  created to help admins and blogger to add their social accounts like “Twitter, LinkedIn and …” to their blog easily and as fast as possible.

I’m using this widget for about a year and always thought to add some other account to it, finally I opened the main file few days back and it was under “GPL v2 license” which mean I could edit it freely.
I have added “” as well as giving capability of adding “VMware Profile” to this great plugin.

Hope you find it useful

Plugin Information:
Last Modify Date: Dec 09, 2011
Last Modified Version:
Last Source Version: 1.2.1
Links: Social Profiles Widget – ME
Size: 439KB

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