Well, as the title showing and “Notes page” describe it, here I’ll post what I’m found during my searches or my works and on my learning path.
These Information would be contain notes, tips & tricks, KBs and tools; this list would grow day by day, so you can check this page again for updates.

Microsoft Windows:
1. cumulative time zone update for Windows operating systems [type: KB | link]
2. Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 [type: Tools | link]
3. Teredo and clustering [type: Note | link]
4. Assign “Log On locally” Rights to Windows Domain Controller [type: Note | link]
5. Introducing Windows Azure for IT Professional [type: eBook | link]
6. Where is the PowerShell ISE in Windows 8? [type: post | link]
7. Managing FREE Hyper-V Server 2012 with a Local GUI Console Tool [type: Post | link]
8. Build Your Lab on Windows Server 2012 [type: post | link]
9. Installing the RDSH role service on a Server without RDCB role service [type: KB | link]

SQL Server:
1. How to open the firewall port for SQL Server on Windows Server 2008, check this link.

Exchange Server:
1. Exchange 2007 Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator spreadsheet, link.

1. Early Experts” Challenge – Apprentice Quest” [type: post | link ]
2. Special offer from “Microsoft Press” [type: eBook | link ]
3. Auditing File & Folder Access [type: post | PL1, PL2, PL3 ]

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