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Monitoring mounted iSCSI/drive in windows using PowerShell

If for any reason you don’t want to use monitoring applications and want to do it by script, well below is small script for monitoring mounted iSCSI or other type of shared drives on Microsoft Windows using PowerShell.In case of drive disappear because of disconnection from provider, it can send and email and also it […]

Updated: December 2, 2020 — 10:58 PM

Windows Server 2012 as Home Lab Storage Server

After long absence I’m starting my work on this blog and other projects. For the first post I’d try to summarize the step needed to install and configure iSCSI or NFS server by using “Microsoft Windows Server 2012” for home lab based on “VMware ESXi 5.x” but for step-by-step visual guide “Windows Server 2012 – File and […]

Updated: December 12, 2015 — 8:57 PM