Early morning and license error on VMware ESXi 4.0

Today, After a while I just shutdown one of my VMs in order to improve its storage capacity and after adding the new HDD to it, I realized that I don’t have any system with VMware vSphere Client installed so I went for powering it on by command using putty.

And guess what happened then …

ESXi - No License - Power On Error - 01

Yes, as the screen shot shows, it related to the license … Owww, I remembered that I didn’t insert the license key after the installation for using the full feature of vSphere in eval mode.

But, there’s an interesting thing here (at least its interesting for me). in the above picture, there’s two message in order of checking license, one is “Evaluation period is over” and the other is “License key has expired”. so its where the server check if its OK to power on a VM(s)or not. (or at least it shows its message)

so when I installed VMware vSphere client on one of my clients and connect it, I get the following message (just as I expected to see).

ESXi - No License - Power On Error - 02

So I entered my license key and powering it on using the vim-cmd and everything works fine

ESXi - No License - Power On Error - 04

Its the early morning experience as I never get any message related to license key.


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