Free exam voucher and 10% discount code

Today I just get an email which guide me on how can I use new VMware 10% discount code for Advanced Training.
First of all I thought it’s personal or some how its for some one following some path but when I checked the education page I see it there for public.
Any way it would make it a little better for any body who wants to take these two course. (VMware vSphere 4 Troubleshooting and VMware vSphere: Manage for Performance).

Also there’s a voucher for taking Free VCP exam, …

Yes, thats right but let read the rest of it

You will get this voucher if you attending VMware vSphere 4: ICM, or VMware vSphere 4 Troubleshooting course between April 24 and June 25, 2010 and also you have to be in US or Canada.

For more information check these two links.

Free VCP exam voucher and 10% off Advanced vSphere Classes

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