Some News

I have 3 news which I like to share but let me first, tell you that all of these news are kinda personal ad non of them related to Virtulization (Which I start my site for it.)

First of all, yesterday I get notified that the course which I wanted so long to attend has been just stated, I had wrote multiple email and asked multiple times about this specific course (workshop) but in the last email, I get this news and as long as this course was started in Turkey and I’m living in Iran currently, I didn’t get the chance to attend.
But there must be some reason which I didn’t know, it happens a lot for every one which they didn’t get what they want on the certain time but they get the better one latter, Only the GOD knows the best. (at least I can say it to cool down myself) 😉

Any way, other news is that may family will go to US for living, except me and that because of my age and some other conditions, but I think I would be there too, about 2 years latter. 😉
(may be I then I can attend that course in US and get the better result n outcome from it)

And last news is about my university project.
I have finished it’s implementation and configuration and I have to start writing them down, I will post more info about it as soon as finish my writing.

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