I’ve so busy lately so I didn’t find time to post anything here about whats going on lately.
First of all, let me announce that I’ve passed VCP510 exam and  got my certificate posted, so I’ve updated my “Certifications” page as well as my badges on the right hand.

Second, I got my interesting seminar presentation and experience about server and desktop virtualization.
This seminar held in “Simorgh Hotel” with about 150 attendees, containing four presentations and one workshop; I was presenter for third and fourth presentations as well as responsible person for technical part of workshop, from preparing the whole virtual infrastructure, software and devices to the presenting them in the workshop.
Here, let me thanks my friends and team mates “Doomaan, Mehdi and Arbi” for their help and special thanks to my friend and team-mate, “Davoud” for his valuable helps, support and cooperation.
The interesting part in this presentation was that the “projector” was failed just 3 minutes after third presentation start and it made a lot of pressure on the support and management team to fix the problem asap.
As a lesson learnt, I’d check and get the confirmation of availability of second “projector” for the presentation.  😉

Updated: January 31, 2012 — 11:24 PM

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