Personal Document in Kindle

As I needed to have some documents on my iPad/iPhone for reading and referring on the go, I checked the possible ways and found out that “Amazon” offering good service for sending personal document to the Kindle devices and software, for more information about this service Kindle Personal Documents Service link can be use.

I’ve configured and sent one “VMware Document” for testing purpose to my iPad and it’s done successfully; this document was in “.mobi” format which is compatible with “Kindle” devices and software.

Today, I looked for a different way to open the PDF documents on the iPad/iPhone devices and preferred to use “Kindle App” on my devices.
It ended using built-in capability of this software and iTunes for passing this one as well, it’s so simple.

  1. Open the iTunes application
  2. Connect the target device (iPad, iPhone or even iPod Touch) and select it on the left panel
  3. Select the “App” tab on the right panel so all application would show up

  1. Move to the down of the page and “File Sharing” section would be appearing.
  2. Select the “Kindle” from “Apps” list.

  1. Press the “Add” button below the “Kindle Documents” and here we go, sending documents to the “Kindle App” 😉

Tip #1:
File with “.mobi” extension which uploaded using iTunes in this way will appear in the “Book” section but if same file send to the kindle using email address and Amazon Service will be appeared in the “Doc” section.

Tip #2:
File with “.pdf” extension which uploaded using iTunes in this way will appear in the “Doc” section.

Hope you find it useful

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