Windows Thin PC & VMware View 5.0

Few days back, during my search on the net I came across “Microsoft Windows Thin PC” which I just heard of few months back.
In that time as I wasn’t evolve in VDI project, I didn’t take it so serious and moved on but now it’s something may help VDI project and users.
Well, moving to the point, “Windows Thin PC” (aka “Windows TPC”) is the smaller version of “Windows 7” with almost all useful functionality of full version and include “BitLocker, AppLocker and DirectAccess” which consume less memory and CPU resources and it can lead to better consolidation (More vDesktop/Host).  😉

Although it’s not mentioned in none of “VMware View 5.0” documents and it means there might be no support on it for using alongside VDI, I tested it’s usage with “VMware View 5.0” and “VMware View 5.0.1” and it’s work fine with both of them.

Installation of this OS is same as Windows 7 with little difference on its background on some steps.  😉

Checking system base configuration:

And now, connecting to it using “VMware View Client on Windows”

More information about “Windows TPC” can be found below:
Microsoft Licensing 

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