Updating “ESXi 5.0” to “ESXi 5.0 Update 1”

Just like other update I posted about ( link 1, link 2 ) this new released patch can be applied using same method as well but there is one little difference I want to highlight here.

By checking this patch for available image profiles using bellow command, you will find four (4) image profiles which is different from previous update I posted about.

esxcli software sources profile list -d /vmfs/volumes/NFS - vHosts/VMware/Updates/update-from-esxi5.0-5.0_update01.zip

By checking “Release Note” via this link, you can see detail of each image profile just like below.

Patch Release ESXi50-Update01 contains the following image profiles:


Patch Release ESXi50-Update01 Security-only contains the following image profiles:


If you want to update whole system select normal image profile (line 1) and if you just want to apply security patches select image profiles which ended with “s” (line 2) like below.

esxcli software profile update -d /vmfs/volumes/NFS - vHosts/VMware/Updates/update-from-esxi5.0-5.0_update01.zip -p ESXi-5.0.0-20120302001-standard
esxcli software profile update -d /vmfs/volumes/NFS - vHosts/VMware/Updates/update-from-esxi5.0-5.0_update01.zip -p ESXi-5.0.0-20120302001s-standard

After applying new released patch and rebooting the host, you will not see any “Update 1” in DCUI or near the host version in vSphere client (not like in vSphere 4.x) but the build version would be change to “623860”  😉



Update (Mar 18):

If you want to directly download the patch file to the ESXi host and then applying it, you can check this link on “Le carnet technique de Poirsouille” site by “Vilbrekin“.

Update (Mar 22):

I made a page for updating “VMware vCenter 5.0” to “VMware vCenter 5.0 Update 1” as well which can be checked using this link.

Update (Mar 23):

I made another post about “VIBs Skipped” which you may see during updating your host(s).


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  1. Thank you super much for this example! I was very confused about which command to use (vib install, vib update, profile install, profile update) as there is no clear information on this topic from VMware.

    I did it this way and it seems to work fine so far. It reports the new build number.

    One question: Even though the update was successful according to the output from the commands, there was a whole list of VIBs skipped. In the output it says “VIBs Skipped: …” and lists a lot of them. Any idea why this is? When using the standard profile in the patch file, I would have thought it would apply all VIBs.

    1. First of all I’m happy this post helps a bit and thanks for your kind words.
      Well, I guess VIBs would be updated only if they are older than presented one which include in patch.
      If all VIBs going to be overwritten over and over again, it may cause some problem (1st one is the reboot required) so it will check and skip those VIBs which are OK.
      AFAIK and I saw, each update contains all needed files from previous updates so if you already have host with newer source, update process may skip some VIBs.
      May I ask if you ever applied any update to this host (manually or using VUM) and if not, what was the built number of the host you have updated?
      If you could send me your build version and/or list of skipped VIBs, it might help a bit more.


  2. Yo,

    I so forgot to mention the that the host I was updating had not yet been updated. It was a basic installation of ESXi 5 build 455964 on it.

    I think that the skipped VIBs are not an issue, that it is fine. As you’re indicating they might be VIBs that are applied for example when going from 4.x to 5.0u1 or something. Since then I also updated another host with the same base install, and it works fine there too.

    Unfortunately I don’t have the list of skipped VIBs anymore, simply because I did this on my home free ESXi5 and after looking at your screenshot to know it wasn’t local to my machine, I rebooted it and then checked that everything seems to work just fine. Which it does. So I didn’t bother saving the output. I didn’t check it in detail but it was a very long list, just like in your screenshot.

    I think we’re good, and I guess time will tell if that’s not the case 🙂

    1. Crap. Sorry for not using the Reply button :/ *feeling nooby*

    2. Hi,
      Sorry for mentioning this post late but I made a post (this link) based on your comment and I hope it describe a little more about “VIBs Skipped”.
      IMHO, If you check the Update 1 as well, you will find some KBs which describing which VIBs are going to be updated and because there’s only some updated VIB in the downloaded file, the other VIBs going to skip the update process.

  3. I heard VMware ESXi 5.0 Update 1 apparently breaks AutoStartManager.. have you faced any such issues?


  4. worked 100% thank you very much, great kb!!!

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