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VIBs Skipped

Well, I didn’t mention it like many might not mention it, while you applying any patches or updates on your “VMware ESXi” hosts, it will show the result which containing the “Successful or Failed” prompt. Most of times I did this process, I checked the result and walked a way without checking which “VIBs Skipped”. […]

Updated: March 21, 2012 — 6:16 PM

Updating “ESXi 5.0” to “ESXi 5.0 Update 1”

Just like other update I posted about ( link 1, link 2 ) this new released patch can be applied using same method as well but there is one little difference I want to highlight here. By checking this patch for available image profiles using bellow command, you will find four (4) image profiles which is different […]

Updated: March 16, 2012 — 2:29 PM

VMware ESXi 5.0 Update 1

Yesterday, VMware has release new version (update) of vSphere 5.0 and base on it for users who currently using vSphere, new patch has been released as well. This new patch itself, related release note and KB can be found from following links: Download Patch ( direct link ) – Release Note – KB 2010823 I’m going to make […]

Updated: March 16, 2012 — 1:44 PM