Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA)

Today, I’ve searched for some possible Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) options and found bellow products, some are popular and some are new (at least for me), so here the list.

Brand Product Last Version Product Page Download Page Info
VMware, Inc. vSphere Storage Appliance (VMware VSA) 5.1.1 link link Documentation
HP StoreVirtual VSA ??? link trial Resource Library
NetApp Data ONTAP Edge 8.1 link trial Documentation
StorMagic SvSAN/SvSAN 5 ??? link trial Resources
FalconStor NSS Virtual Appliance 7.0 link trial / free Documentation
DataCore SANsymphony-V Virtual SAN Appliance 9.? link link Resource Center
Openfiler Openfiler 2.3 link link Documentation / About
Nexenta Systems, Inc. NexentaStor Community Edition link free Documentation
OmniTI Computer Consulting, Inc. OmniOS  r151004 link free Documentation / VMware Note

Also, There are some other applications or custom build OS which can be used to create a “Virtual Storage Server”.

Brand Product Last Version Product Page Download Page Info
StarWind Software, Inc. StarWind iSCSI SAN & NAS (SAN) 6.0.4837 link / free version link / free Editions Comparison / Resources
iXsystems, Inc. FreeNAS 8.3 link free Documentation
NAS4Free NAS4Free link free Documentation
OpenIndiana OpenIndiana 151a5 link free Documentation
Illumian Project Illumian 1.0 link free Documentation
ZFSguru ZFSguru 0.2-beta8 link free Documentation / Roadmap
Server Elements NASLite-2 / NASLite-M2 2.67 / 1.67 link Documentation

Update 1 [Nov 10, 2012]:
Thanks to “David Robertson (@daverdfw) for his kind help, “FreeNAS, NAS4Free and Nexenta Community Edition” has been added.

Update 2 [Nov 11, 2012]:
“OmniOS”, “NASLite-2/NASLite-M2” as well as “Info” section has been added.

❓ There might be other VSA as well and I’d be happy and thankful if you kindly share any others VSA you know, so I’d update this table.

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