Virtual Machine Connection & Authorization Manager

I’ve started learning Microsoft Hyper-V as well as working on few network and virtualization projects and this post is from my today learning and exercise.

After installing Microsoft Hyper-V role on the Server (WS 2012/WS 2012 R2) or Desktop (Win 8/Win 8.1) two icons would be added to the new “Start Screen”.

1. Hyper-V Manager which is GUI tools and would be used to create and manage hosts and virtual machines.
2. Hyper-V Virtual Machine Connection which is a new compact tools for connecting to the VMs Console; after opening VMC you don’t have to keep Hyper-V Manager open and you can simply close it.

If you open VMC window from Hyper-V Manager, there would be no problem with authorization but if you open it from start screen or search result without doing any previous modification, there’d be little problem.

I’ve installed Hyper-V role on my laptop with Windows 8 and after opening VMC windows I saw bellow prompt.
“You do not have the required permission to complete this task. Contact the administrator of the authorization policy for the computer ‘XYZ’.


In this case, it’s needed to modify authorization and permission store and for this purpose it’s needed to run “azman.msc”


“azman.msc” would open “Authorization Manager” snap-in and it’ll help to modify required file.


Select “Action” menu above and then “Open Authorization Store …”


Select “XML file” and browse to “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V\InitialStore.xml”


After selecting this xml file, bellow structure would be loaded


It’s possible to create new “Role” and specify permitted “Operations” but for simple, fast full access to your own personal VMs, select the “Hyper-V services\Role Assignments\Administrator”


Right click in the right panel (bellow specified current user and groups)


Now search for user or group and add them


New user or group would be added to the list, now just simply close “Authorization Manager” and re-select “Server” from VMC.



As it’s shown in above screen shot, there would be no more prompt and it’s possible to list VMs and connect to them.


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