VCA-Cloud (the 3rd)

On the beginning of this January I sat two VCA exams (VCA-WM & VCA-DCV) and passed both of them.

After finishing the e-Learning material which VMware kindly shared for VCA-Cloud, I tried to sat this exam but had few personal problem which made delays in this event; in any case I’ve registered for VCA-Cloud on Thursday (30th Jan) and sat the exam on Friday (31st Jan).

I passed but with lower score I expected but in any case “Pass is Pass” 😉

I just want to share my personal experience on this exam which was different for me because my system hangs in the middle of exam and my internet connection disconnected, in both point I feared that I lost it and now I’ve to start again.

In case of system hangs, it passed after 1 min while I just sat and wait for it and for Internet disconnection, I saw a message from exam which stated that the connection is broken and after establishing the connection the exam would be processed from where it was left.

That’s a great message saves me time, money and moral, I hope no one faces exam disruption like this “Internet disconnection” as I did, if you face it, don’t worry cause VUE was so kind to take care of that before.


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