New project

Few months back (around May) I came out of company “POD DCS, Co.” I worked for as project manager and started my work as freelance consultant.

Now I have one active on going server room (Server Room with 5 racks, 25 servers & 2 SAN) migration project; this project includes below objectives:

  • Getting “As Is” stat of servers, storage, network and services
  • Re-Designing the services (including virtual infrastructure, AD & DNS)
  • Upgrading old servers and storage
  • Presenting migration plan
  • Migrating services to new infrastructure
  • Designing DR plan and implementing simple/cheap solution
  • Designing and implementing VDI POC

All these items/objectives should be happen within 2 months and with least service downtime.

I’d start posting about new things I find and learn in this project and I hope I get the chance to write few post specifically about “this project itself” in future; anything not included NDA would be here.

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