Starting with Dockers

After a long time of not writing, I decided to start again with new things.

The “Containers”, you might be heard of it or even implemented it in large scale; as I’m new to this technology, I’d try to share things I’m learning about it here.

First migration was from “All Application running directly on Physical servers” to “Virtualization” and (it seems) now it’s time to migrate from “Running multiple OS for multiple applications” to “Packaging multiple application and run them side-by-side but easily isolated on lot fewer OS.

In enterprise virtualization world, there are a Hypervisors installed on top of physical server and then Virtual Machines (VM) would be created on top of it while each VM would have its own OS that can run one or more applications.

In Containerization, the container/virtualization engine would be installed on OS and let a user deploy multiple instances of templates called “images“. Base OS could be installed as bare metal or run as VM itself to use HA/FT and all features Enterprise level virtualization could offer but I saw running containers on top of virtualization layer might complicate networking.

There’s a lot of sites and articles about the history of containers (such as Linux Containers (LXC)), how it’s been created, changed and etc. on the internet and here I’d try to write information about how to use it and so. As I’m using “Docker” (for learning) so in the next posts I’d try to show the installation and other processes related to the Docker.

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