Where’s my home lab scenario?


One of my system in lab crashed and I lost some source of my programs.

It will take a time to fix that system (as it was my storage server – unfortunately) and prepare my source again.

I will post the scenario and my lab info as soon as It get ready.

by the way, I still have one exam to take and I don’t know when! (It’s the big problem for me – as I always have the map and time for all my courses and my exams)

OK, Lets get back to our virtualization world.

From now on, I’ll Add a new category for summary of everything I’m reading in a day/week.

I hope this one goes well and not be like “preparation for exam notes”.

So, may be it helps some of you to save your time by just reading summary. 😉

Updated: February 17, 2010 — 3:58 PM

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