VCAP4-DCD PF (Progress Form)


Well, first of all thanks to Jon Hall and Andre M for their time, consideration and helps.

In first place as I’m working toward VCAP4-DCD Certification and as long as it’s blueprint out from VMware, I’ve created a simple spreadsheet for checking my learning/studying progress, as I’m always doing this for all of my exams.
Then after finishing it, I decided to make it online so I asked Jon Hall and Andre for their help for improving the spreadsheet for being easy to use and also not violating the VMware copyright, So after some conversation, the last version comes like this (attached).
It divided to multiple section with links to the proper resources for each objective which mentioned on blueprint.

Download link for VCAP4-DCD PF (Ver 0.4) spreadsheet.

I hope it be come useful and I’d be happy for getting feedbacks about it.

Well, sorry I forgot to write about it and it’s usage.
Basically it’s just a measurement tools base on user input.
User can use the links to get the reference for studying them and after finishing it writing down the amount of process (in percent) in front of each skill or ability.
For example, there is 3 objective in the 1st section and it’s first objective divided into 4 skill/ability and pointed to 3 tools/reference, after finishing all these 3 references user can write down the 4x 100% in front f each ability.
This will be shown in the “Overall view” as he/she finished the first objective and in this way they would know how much they studied and how much remains.

I’m trying to update the form soon, so the links to the same reference would connected to each other and when one reference in one section completed it would be showen on the other section as completed as well.


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