Project #01 (P.02)

It’s another post about my personal project which I mention before (link).
Up to now we have installed 12 VMs (all have Microsoft Windows 2008 as guest OS, except one) on new server and trying to completing their configuration before start migration of old software, portal and database to new infrastructure.
Our AD/DNS installed and configured at the first point in order to use it’s features in future, then Monitoring tools (Spiceworks) and VMware vCenter (trial) have installed.
In next step, we have installed Antivirus servers, WSUS servers and Web servers and connect them all to new domain.
Users and groups in AD are created by one of my friend/coworker who following Microsoft certification (MCITP), he also works on group policies.
Because our new firewall is not configured yet, I have installed Vyatta software router 6.1 to connect different networks.
I still have problem with accessing NFS on QNAP from VMware ESXi, it’s some kind of interesting problem as I did everything manual said but VMware still can’t connect to QNAP storage; In the other hand, providing iSCSI to VMware ESXi using QNAP was one of the easiest process I seen up to now.
Meanwhile we have powered off old server (DL380 G5) and changed it’s memory completely, removing 8GB PC2-5300 (8x 1GB) and placing 16GB PC2-5300 (8x 2GB) instead.
These are works we did until now in this project.

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