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Little tips on updating hosts using vCLI

Today I make some time free to update my home lab from “VMware ESXi 4.1” to “VMware ESXi 4.1 Update 1”. Well, This may look outdated topic or old version as VMware already announced “VMware vSphere 5.0” but I face an “Error”, I thought it may be good to share here. Quick Note: Full process […]

Updated: August 5, 2011 — 2:05 AM

Project #01 (P.02)

Hi, It’s another post about my personal project which I mention before (link). Up to now we have installed 12 VMs (all have Microsoft Windows 2008 as guest OS, except one) on new server and trying to completing their configuration before start migration of old software, portal and database to new infrastructure. Our AD/DNS installed […]

Updated: February 16, 2011 — 10:31 AM

Upgrading ESXi 4.0 to ESXi 4.1

If you search on the internet you would find many communities post, blogs and web site about “How to upgrade ESXi 4.0 to ESXi 4.1”. Well, thats true but I’m writing my own experience with ESXi 4.0 which has Cisco Nexus 1000v (trial of course) and it’s upgrade process. the process and steps can be […]

Updated: September 21, 2010 — 4:45 PM