VMware FT in Home Lab

I have upgraded my home lab hosts to the latest VMware ESXi 5.0 few days ago but yesterday I find the time to upgrade my vCenter as well; For some reason I cleaned up everything I made in past and did the clean installation.

During this upgrade I bought and added second SSD Drive to lab systems. (A-DATA SSD-S599-64GB).
Cost/Performance comparison of this SSD drive is good at least in my country; the price of about 165$ is good for 280MB/s Read and 270MB/s Write. 😉

Also I have added one more NIC to each host, so both hosts are now have 3 NICs and thanks to VMware I don’t have to load or modify any file on hosts to support these NICs.
VMware ESXi 5.0 now supporting wilder range of devices like Realtek NICs (RTL8168 and RTL8169) with no needs of extra work or money. 😉

After I finished this upgrades, I created a cluster and added my hosts respectively to it; this cluster was configured for just “DRS” feature in the first step and it’s worked fine, after some works I decided to add the “HA” feature to the cluster as well.

So I did it and just after that I noticed some thing very cool on one of my hosts, one of two hosts supporting FT feature which I looked for it previously.
The specification of my both systems are shown in the below screenshot (right screenshot is for FT supporting system).

In next two weeks I’m going to buy another system with AMD processor in order to make it double for supporting FT, I’d post about it, if it’s successful or not and until then I’d work with multiple vESXi (ESX/ESXi can virtualize itself) hosted on the proper host and check if it’s possible to have “FT” with nested VMs or not.

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