SlideRocket & Microsoft Certifications

This post a little different from my other posts here and title might look unrelated but here the story.

I’ve made a little online presentation (road map) using “SlideRocket” for “Microsoft Certifications” and I’m going to update time to time based on “Microsoft” announcements.
When I tried to place it here (tested both post and page), I just found out “WordPress” is not supporting “iframes” for some reasons so after searching for solution online (instead of looking for it in “SildeRocket” Support portal) I found multiple plugins for handling this situation and bellow you can find some of them; I’ve chosen “iframes” plugin just based on its information on “Other Notes” tab.

  1. iframes
  2. embed-iframe
  3. Advanced iframe
  4. Iframe Preserver

And now, here is the presentation; it’s based on certifications related to “Windows Server 2012” and it made on “June 8, 2012″.

[iframe src=”″ width=”600″ scrolling=”no” frameBorder=”0″]

If you are interested on “Microsoft Certification” you can check “Microsoft Learning” or visiting/bookmarking this link as I’m going to keep it simple and update.

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