Using VMware PowerCLI (#007) – Remote PowerCLI

I’m working on new SMB project which need running application remotely and I thought it’s good time to work on “Microsoft Remote Desktop Service” on “Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1”.
In this case, server should be configured in a way to present application for remote access and here I came up with idea of presenting “VMware PowerCLI” for remote access to the lab, this way it will save some bandwidth and speed up the whole process.
Well, There might be (guess there’s) a way for connecting to Other server and use PowerCLI remotely but I didn’t look for it yet, so for those who know the way, it might look super-complex way of doing simple work.  😉

Bellow, you can find related steps I’ve taken so far …

[nggallery id=12]

Update #1
I Found this post by “Niklas” ( @vniklas ) about “PowerShell Web Access” on “Windows Server 2012”.

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