New Start

Hello everyone,

First of all thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog, I hope you visit here again and find what you looking for; all feedback and reply are welcome so feel free and leave feedback from now on. [emoji winking face]

If you’ve visited my site before you noticed I’ve changed the structure and old blog has been moved here while new blog added as you reading it now. because of some project I had for a year I couldn’t update my blog and there’s a one year gap in my blogging.
As the project is going to be finish in few months, I’m going to start writing and made decision to divide these series of post from old series and I’m really sorry for any inconvenient it might bring.

As and introduction for new visitor, I’m Sohrab Kasraeian Fard and I’m from Tehran, Iran. I’m working as technical manager and project manager (in one project) in private company in IT field.

This blog would contain news, review, how-to and more info in field of IT and as I’m “Virtualization Fan”, most of data would be related to this technology.



old-blog content has been imported back to this blog once again.

Updated: November 24, 2016 — 8:18 PM

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