VMware eCertificate

This post might be late but as I had it on my system I though it’s better to share it, so I’m sorry if it’s late. 😉

In my last visit on “Education Portal (myLearn)” on VMware Site, I noticed two great changes made to the certificates.

VMware Certificates

1. Now it’s possible to download electronic version of certificates in PDF format (View link)
2. It’s possible to share the certificate using two bellow methods (Share link)
a. “Provide a Direct Link to Your eCertificate” which going to provide the ability to share eCertificate (PDF) file with anonymous user using provided link
b. “Provide Authentication Code” which going to let others to “verify that Certification is both authentic and valid” using “Authentication Form” and “Authentication Code” which going to be generated (i.e. 7467109-8650-1A10ADA3CABE)


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